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Hallmark Motorbike Rentals is a premier full service motorbike rental company in Pattaya. We specialize in 125cc to 150cc motorbikes.

Our offering includes a wide selection of brands and models





  • Lowest Rates in Pattaya

  • Discount Motorbikes

  • Cheap Motorbike Rental Pattaya

Actually, not about out company and services are cheap (but id works for searches). We offer well maintained top quality bikes and customer service at the most competitive prices anywhere in Pattaya.



  • Drivers licence in Thailand

  • Helmet laws in Thailand

  • Motorbike Insurance Thailand

If you are planning a motorbike rental in Thailand, make sure you have your bases covered ... W provide you with the basic rules.



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We strive to give our customers many recommended resources in Pattaya that will be beneficial both before and during the visit.

On our "links" page you will find these connections, including
Pattaya-Addicts Forums,
The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand, Holidays and Bar Closures in Thailand




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