All these reviews are genuine and taken from various Pattaya Forums.

Thanks for the hire Mark, you always give good service. If I know people who want bikes I’ll point them in your direction.

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I will also recommend Kessaya Motorbike Rentals. I just rented a Yamaha Nuovo for a month – and it is very convenient that they deliver and pick up at your place of residence.

It was a pleasure to meet Mark. I had no problems with the bike (not new but not worn out either and seemed well maintained). but I feel confident that he would be fair and helpful should a problem arise.

I’m also a fan of the Ferrari sticker ;-)


Just gotta give a shout out to fellow BM Kessaya for all his help recently. I have a motorbike in bangkok but not in pattaya, I moved over to Pat’s and I called him up for a motorbike to rent while I was buying one and he was all booked up… Good service and good prices means that the guy doesn’t have a spare bike for me… :GoldenSmile1:

I gotta say he has  a lot better bikes and for sure the best service then a lot of blokes that rent bikes out there, and these other guys often false advertise pricing and take advantage of newbies, Kessaya doesn’t muck around that is why he is normally all rented out so reserve early…

Anyways what does this guy do since he has no bikes and we were going to buy one anyways… he picks me and my TGF up right after landing, takes me to a shop he has a long standing history with and probably saves me 5,000 or more baht and from a shop that is reliable will service the bike and such. I’ve even had one BM offer to buy it from me for MORE then what I paid for it if I move on or trade, it’s that good of a bike.

Kessaya lost a rental, spent an afternoon helping me, and for what? That’s what service is all about (and rare in SEA a lot of times) and for sure all the friends of my long time girl and her extended korat family will know where to send customers to get bikes from now on…


I rented from Kessaya when I was in Pattaya and he was a reputable and understanding guy… I would rent from him again….


I gotta say ditto to Tansaks comments, I rented a bike from Mark for a month Aug/Sep, great service, good equipment, highly recommend. And he didn’t offer to buy me a beer, so consider this an unsolicited endorsement….


…anyone lookin for a great deal on a bike hire contact BM Kessaya. Great service and value. As I arrived at my apartment Mark was waitin with the keys.No probs at all with bike
….and he had some useful tips to boot….highly recommended!


How much a discount he giving you ??? Aw… don’t listen to me I’m just a trouble maker and I didn’t take my medication yet… I rent from Kessaya also… He is a good guy and his bikes are good. Good price, good service, good mate. I’ve already posted a positive post about him before and don’t mind doing it again.

100% truth… I’ve had some places offer me discounts or drinks or such if I wrote good reports (on other boards and um.. yeah this one too) but Mark was a true gentleman…


I e-mailed them about renting a bike for when i get to Patts in november.Prompt reply to e-mails,and everything sorted in a couple of hours.Bike will be delivered when i arrive.This is the way a business should be run,and i am sure they are in for a long and prosperous future

Anyone renting from Kessaya will be extremely happy with the service and performance of the bikes. It’s great that he delivers it to you and picks it up when you’re done using it. At the most, just a couple presses of the starter switch (and that depends on how long it’s been setting when you last rode it) and a little twist of the throttle when starting it, and you’ll be started and ready to enjoy the ride. The engine runs great and is very dependable. The bike that I rented tracked straight and ‘true’. The tires had a lot of tread and the bike itself looked almost as if it was brand new.
(gotta love the Ferrari stickers on the bike!!!!)
Thanks again Kessaya, the bike worked great!!!!!!


Yes, I can say Kessaya has awesome service- from the crazy man here.

Just been and rented a bike from here, at 2000 baht it’s more economical than buying one (again) for me.Pretty impressive selection of bikes and a pleasure to deal with a westerner! (Kessaya)And it’s good to see farang business sense! Why rent a few at 3500-4000 when you can rent a lot at a much cheaper price!


I have now booked a bike through Kessaya for my holiday, i just want to add that the communications were a pleasure and Kessaya was straight-forward, accomodating and flexible. As much as i can before actually arriving, i would whole-heartedly recommend them…


Kessaya has been nothing but helpful and going out of his way in trying to help me in renting a motorbike when I’ll be there in Sept.
I have nothing but praise in dealing with him!!!!

Nice and easy to do business with you and so far so good as am happy with the Airblade have rented from you on long term rent.
Wouldnt hesitate in reccomending Kessaya motorbike rentals to anyone wanting good mbikes at good prices with decent people.
Will be in touch now as just got online today as staying around here for while.


I rented a bike from mark on my trip I just finished, Pick up and delivery was awesome. The bike ran great rain or shine. I had so much fun on it that I’m getting a new motorbike here at home. I did not realize how much I missed riding.


I have just returned from Pattaya and used one of Mark’s bikes for my 11 days there and have nothing but praise for the service he offers. Nothing was too much trouble, from my rescheduled arrival due to my original flight being cancelled and his offer to deliver out of hours, to the collection when I changed accommodation on my last day after checking-out of my rented condo. The Airblade I rented was ideal for me, just serviced and ran like a dream and was trouble-free throughout the stay. Any questions I had were answered directly and it’s worth clarifying with him just what Thai insurance covers and what it doesn’t. You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer and more helpful guy and he and his business deserve to do well. I would recommend Kessaya Motorbike Rentals to anyone and would hope to be able use his services on my next planned trip in March. Many thanks again Mark!